Language Translation Updates

ProcessWire now finds all the translation files for you

Previously when you went to the "Translate New File" screen, it would ask you to type in the path to the file that you wanted to translate. Now it goes and finds them all for you, letting you select which files you want to create translations for.

  • Double-click on any one file (or single-click and Submit) to create a translation file and edit it.
  • Select multiple files (or all of them if you want) to create ready-to-translate files for you.
  • Files for /site/ and /wire/ are separated for convenience.
  • Already-translated files are separated (via optgroups) from files needing translation. If you double-click on any already-translated file, then it will take you to the translations for that file.

You can now create and download language pack ZIP files

Just click the Download ZIP button and it will ZIP up all your language files and send them to you in an archive.

These updates are now available on the 2.5 dev branch (2.4.15).


NextMore Language Updates

ProcessWire now comes with a multi-language site profile. Plus, language translation files are now split by site and wire (core).  More 

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