The latest news and updates from ProcessWire

ProcessWire 2.6.7 core updates and more 3 July 2015
This week we introduced new standardized include/hook files that make a lot of tasks easier, less ambiguous and more efficient when developing sites and applications in ProcessWire. We also released yet another new version of ListerPro that take editable columns even further. In addition, ProcessWire 2.6.7 includes updates from numerous GitHub reports and PRs.

Inline ajax page editing comes to ListerPro (ProcessWire 2.6.6) 26 June 2015
This week (actually, the last few weeks) we’ve updated ListerPro to support inline ajax editing for any page and just about any Fieldtype. After using it here this week, I have to be honest and say I think this is a pretty revolutionary new way to edit pages in ProcessWire.

Extra action in your Page List (core updates 2.6.5) 19 June 2015
Now you can get extra action(s) in the Page List and Lister. Plus a new inline copy/clone feature, new restore from trash feature, the ability to specify page list label formats, and more.

Major updates to ProFields Table field 12 June 2015
It’s the 1-year anniversary of ProFields (or close to it anyway), so we’ve prepared a major update to ProFields Table to celebrate, and it’s available for download now by registered users. This post goes in detail about all the new features that have been added.

Permissions part 2: access control for languages and more special permissions (2.6.3) 5 June 2015
This week we added yet more field permission control–this time limiting edit access to fields by language. We also added a new page-rename permission. While we’re at it, this post also describes the other special permissions you can use: page-publish and page-edit-created.

Field permissions, overrides and more (2.6.2) 29 May 2015
ProcessWire 2.6.1 was made the new master and 2.6.2 was pushed to the dev branch with all new field level access control and overrides support!

ProcessWire core updates (2.6.1) and more 22 May 2015
ProcessWire 2.6.1 brings a page editor that now reminds you to save, and Process modules now support external view files. In addition, we updated the "Hello World" modules for PW 2.6, and put together a mini tutorial on how to create really simple short links.

Optimizing and major upgrades to ProCache 15 May 2015
This post discusses new optimizations we’ve made to and highlights new additions to ProCache, including CDN integration, HTML minification, CSS/JS merge and minification and more.

ProcessWire 2.6 is here! 8 May 2015
Today I’m proud to announce that ProcessWire 2.6 has been officially released. After 30 releases of our dev branch over 7 months, we are now at our most solid version ever: ProcessWire 2.6.

ProcessWire 2.6 RC1 (2.5.29) and more 1 May 2015
ProcessWire 2.6 RC1 (2.5.29) – your testing help is needed! Plus some further upgrades to WireCache, and a detailed look at using PHP’s interactive mode with ProcessWire at the command line.

ProcessWire core updates (2.5.28) 24 April 2015
ProcessWire 2.6 coming as soon as next week, great new $cache additions, and System Notifications updates.

ProcessWire core updates (2.5.27) 17 April 2015
Getting close to ProcessWire 2.6. Field cloning upgrade and support for “notes”. New each() method added to all ProcessWire arrays, and more new WireArray syntax fun. Plus, more on module configuration, and support for PHP 5.6 __debugInfo().

ProcessWire core updates (2.5.26) 10 April 2015
Content-type support added to templates, ProCache version 2.0.2 released, PageList now supports hover actions, and more.

ProcessWire core updates, pull requests and more (2.5.25) 3 April 2015
New FileValidator module type, Validation and sanitization of SVG files, Module configuration is now even simpler, Clear page cache by matching pages with custom selector, Planning for ProcessWire 2.6 and more…

ProcessWire core updates (2.5.24) 27 March 2015
Asset minification and support, field dependencies upgrades, shift-click with checkboxes, more modal options, ProcessUser dropdowns and more.

ProcessWire, Form Builder and CSS frameworks (2.5.23) 20 March 2015
Form Builder gets a major upgrade with support for CSS frameworks, and what it means for ProcessWire’s core.

ProcessWire core and ListerPro module updates 13 March 2015
New responsive tables in the admin. Now you can create databases at install time. New ListerPro v1.0.2. New magic trick–disappearing modules. And more.

ProcessWire core and ProFields updates (2.5.22) 6 March 2015
Image caption support in the rich text editor. Upload support now provided in image selection window. Major upgrade to ProFields Textareas fieldtype. Markdown Textformatter module now with Parsedown support. And more.

Building ProcessWire with the best editing tools (2.5.21) 27 February 2015
This week our RTE link tool got a major upgrade, which I think you and your clients will like. Also some discussion on why we’re emphasizing these tools in recent updates.

Image editing features (continued, 2.5.20) 20 February 2015
Last week we told you a little about the editing features yet to come for image fields. This week those features are now ready to use directly from image fields.

New image editing features (2.5.19) 13 February 2015
This week there are a whole bunch of new image editing features available for ProcessWire. We’ve also got a screencast to demonstrate them for you here.

ProcessWire core updates (2.5.18) 6 February 2015
Field editor now lets you target templates, optimization to field cloning, and numerous updates to sessions.

New Options Fieldtype (ProcessWire 2.5.17) 30 January 2015
This week I’m glad to introduce the new FieldtypeOptions module, which provides a neat alternative for selectable options outside of using pages.

ProcessWire core updates (2.5.16) 23 January 2015
Blank versus 0, Configurable URL segments from template settings, and more…

ProcessWire core updates (2.5.15) 16 January 2015
Blogging about Logging–New log viewing feature in the ProcessWire admin, new capabilities added to $log API variable, new ability to create fields from your template editor and new core module for icon selection.

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