The latest news and updates from ProcessWire

ProcessWire 3.0.37 and ProFields Text Blocks 14 October 2016
In addition to our regular core updates, we also have a new ProFields module to introduce to you this week. It’s something a little different that we’ve found pretty useful and think some of you will too.

ProcessWire 3.0.36 and looking forward 7 October 2016
A look at what’s new in ProcessWire 3.0.36 master, plus a look forward at what we’ll be working on in the weeks ahead.

ProcessWire 3 master and changelog 30 September 2016
ProcessWire 3 is now officially released! In this post we cover all that’s new in ProcessWire 3 relative to our previous major version.

ProcessWire 3.x release and more 23 September 2016
This week we started using our new GitHub organization repository to soft launch version 3.0. ProcessWire 3.0 now appears on packagist as well (installable via Composer). We’ve got several other updates for you as well!

Introduction: Migrations Module 16 September 2016
Introduction to the Migrations module and the issue it does try to solve. A small demo and a view into further developments around the module included.

CMS Critic Powered by ProcessWire (again) + Case Study 9 September 2016
Jonathan Lahijani discusses his experience and approach in transforming CMS Critic from WordPress to ProcessWire along with his opinions on the right tool for the job.

ProcessWire 3.0.33 and 2.8.33 2 September 2016
This week we’ve loaded up our new ProcessWire repository with the latest 3.x version and we have some more details on that, as well as the official 3.x release date. We’ve also got a recipe you might find useful here as well.

Looking closer at the ProcessWire 3.x and 2.8 release 26 August 2016
In this post we take a look at 3.0.32 core updates and go into detail about how we might handle the release of ProcessWire 3.0 and 2.8.

Tesla Model S + ProcessWire 19 August 2016
While we work towards a 3.x master version, we’ll shift gears for a moment this week to review the Tesla Model S that we borrowed for the weekend, and were truly inspired by it. We’ve also got some updates to several 1st party modules this week as well.

How to use multi-instance in PW 3.x 12 August 2016
This week work continued on preparing 3.x (and 2.8.x) for release. One of the features of 3.x that we’d not yet covered in much detail was the multi-instance support. So the primary focus this week was in making sure we clarified and simplified some things in that respect. This post covers all the details. Plus we’ve got some $session updates you might find useful. 

ProcessWire 3.0.29 and 2.8.29 5 August 2016
This week we covered close to a dozen issues and around ten pull requests, so you’ll find lots of updates in today’s versions (3.0.29 and 2.8.29). Plus some info for those that have inquired about ProcessWire site development help.

ProcessWire 3.0.28 & 2.8.28 29 July 2016
Includes coverage of weekly updates to the ProcessWire core, as well as a look at how to create your own custom utility hook functions.

More Fieldtype upgrades in ProcessWire 3.0.27 22 July 2016
This week the core continued to be upgraded for more Fieldtype features like pagination support. We also released a new version of ProFields Table (v14). This post also looks at a new tutorial and more on the 3.x release timing.

New paginated Fieldtype support and FieldtypeTable upgrades 15 July 2016
With support for paginated Fieldtypes, ProcessWire’s scalability has moved to the next level. Not sure what this means? Don’t worry, this post has a screencast that makes it clear. We’ve also got some other nice upgrade for ProFields Table.

ProcessWire 3.0.25 and 2.8.25 bring enhanced page finding selectors 8 July 2016
This week we’ve got a pretty major upgrade to our page finding selectors that we think you will find useful in a lot of cases! Now you can accomplish much more with less, and this really brings our selectors to the next level.

ProcessWire 3.0.24 and 2.8.24 enhance page traversal 1 July 2016
This week updates were focused on covering GitHub issue reports and feature requests, plus some great new performance improvements to our page traversal methods.

ProcessWire 3.0.23 and 2.8.23 24 June 2016
This week we have a few nice tweaks for those using multi-language support and translation tools in ProcessWire. Plus improvements to the 2.8.x branch, and a new feature for repeaters.

Upgrades and optimizations – ProcessWire 3.0.22 and 2.8.22 17 June 2016
This week we have some nice optimizations and enhancements for the core, as well as some great upgrades in the forums! Our Inputfield forms (including page editor) got a whole lot faster, and our Password field got a ton of nice enhancements.

ProcessWire 3.0.21 and 2.8.21! 10 June 2016
We’ve got some great updates for you this week, especially for those still running ProcessWire 2.x. ProcessWire 3.x also got a lot more stable this week. In fact, this week ProcessWire 2.x and 3.x formed a new alliance!

ProcessWire 3.0.20 updates, plus a review of ProcessWire 3.x so far 3 June 2016
Lots of optimizations in fixes in the latest version of ProcessWire 3.0.20. Plus a recap and review of all that’s be added in the 3.x version of ProcessWire.

Web hosting changes and server upgrades 27 May 2016
This week our focus was on the server side of things (rather than on the code side) and we’ve got some exciting upgrades to share with you.

ProcessWire 3.0.19 lets you work with thousands of pages at once 20 May 2016
This week we have something different and wonderful, thanks to our friends at Avoine!

ProcessWire 3.0.18 brings yet more images field upgrades! 13 May 2016
ProcessWire 3.0.18 continues from last week, making major upgrades to our images field. This week we got into some of the finer details, and we’ve got plenty for you to look at here, as well as a screencast to demonstrate it all. 

ProcessWire 3.0.17 brings major upgrade to images field 6 May 2016
ProcessWire’s images field has been re-designed and redeveloped with a lot of great new features we think you’ll love! This post covers it in detail. There’s also a screencast at the end that shows you the new images field in action. 

ProcessWire 3.0.16 continues expanding documentation and more 29 April 2016
The ProcessWire 3.x API reference documentation continued to expand this week with major updates and more than 20 new core classes getting comprehensive coverage.

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