Wire::wire() method

Get an API variable, create an API variable, or inject dependencies.

This method provides the following:

  • Access to API variables:
    $pages = $this->wire('pages');

  • Access to current ProcessWire instance:
    $wire = $this->wire();

  • Creating new API variables:
    $this->wire('widgets', $widgets);

  • Injection of dependencies to Wire derived objects:

Most Wire derived objects also support access to API variables directly via $this->apiVar.

There is also the wire() procedural function, which provides the same access to get API variables. Note however the procedural version does not support creating API variables or injection of dependencies.


// Get the 'pages' API variable
$pages = $this->wire('pages');

// Get the 'pages' API variable using alternate syntax
$pages = $this->wire()->pages;

// Get all API variables (returns a Fuel object)
$all = $this->wire('all');

// Get the current ProcessWire instance (no arguments)
$wire = $this->wire();

// Create a new API variable named 'widgets'
$this->wire('widgets', $widgets);

// Create new API variable and lock it so nothing can overwrite
$this->wire('widgets', $widgets, true);

// Alternate syntax for the two above
$this->wire()->set('widgets', $widgets);
$this->wire()->set('widgets', $widgets, true); // lock

// Inject dependencies into Wire derived object

// Inject dependencies during construct
$newPage = $this->wire(new Page());


// basic usage
$mixed = $wire->wire();

// usage with all arguments
$mixed = $wire->wire($name = '', $value = null, bool $lock = false);


name (optional)string, object

Name of API variable to retrieve, set, or omit to retrieve the master ProcessWire object.

value (optional)null, mixed

Value to set if using this as a setter, otherwise omit.

lock (optional)bool

When using as a setter, specify true if you want to lock the value from future changes (default=false).

Return value



Method can throw exceptions on error:

  • WireException

Wire methods and properties

API reference based on ProcessWire core version 3.0.178

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