Wire::warning() method

Record a warning error message in the system-wide notices.

This method automatically identifies the warning as coming from this class.


$this->warning("This is the notice text");
$this->warning("This notice is also logged", true);
$this->warning("This notice is only shown in debug mode", Notice::debug);
$this->warning("This notice allows <em>markup</em>", Notice::allowMarkup);
$this->warning("Notice using multiple flags", Notice::debug | Notice::logOnly);


// basic usage

// usage with all arguments
$wire->warning($text, $flags = 0);


textstring, array, Wire

Text to include in the notice

flags (optional)int, bool, string

Optional flags to alter default behavior:

  • Notice::debug (constant): Indicates notice should only be shown when debug mode is active.
  • Notice::log (constant): Indicates notice should also be logged.
  • Notice::logOnly (constant): Indicates notice should only be logged.
  • Notice::allowMarkup (constant): Indicates notice should allow the use of HTML markup tags.
  • true (boolean): Shortcut for the Notice::log constant.
  • In 3.0.149+ you may also specify a space-separated string of flag names.

Return value


Object instance it was called from (method supports fluent interface).

See Also

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API reference based on ProcessWire core version 3.0.163

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