WireTextTools::markupToText() method

Convert HTML markup to readable text

Like PHP’s strip_tags but with some small improvements in HTML-to-text conversion that improves the readability of the text.

In 3.0.197+ inner content of script, style and object tags is now removed, rather than just the tags. To revert this behavior or to remove content of additional tags, see the clearTags option.

Note that this method differs from the Sanitizer::markupToText() method in that this method is newer, more powerful and has more options. But the two methods differ in how they perform markup-to-text conversion so you may want to review and try both to determine which one better suits your needs.


// basic usage
$string = $wireTextTools->markupToText(string $str);

// usage with all arguments
$string = $wireTextTools->markupToText(string $str, array $options = []);



String to convert to text

options (optional)array
  • keepTags (array): Tag names to keep in returned value, i.e. [ "em", "strong" ]. (default=none)
  • clearTags (array): Tags that should also have their content cleared. (default=[ "script", "style", "object" ]) Since 3.0.197
  • splitBlocks (string): String to split paragraph and header elements. (default="\n\n")
  • convertEntities (bool): Convert HTML entities to plain text equivalents? (default=true)
  • listItemPrefix (string): Prefix for converted list item <li> elements. (default='• ')
  • linksToUrls (bool): Convert links to (url) rather than removing? (default=true) Since 3.0.132
  • linksToMarkdown (bool): Convert links to [text](url) rather than removing? (default=false) Since 3.0.197
  • uppercaseHeadlines (bool): Convert headline tags to uppercase? (default=false) Since 3.0.132
  • underlineHeadlines (bool): Underline headlines with "=" or "-"? (default=true) Since 3.0.132
  • collapseSpaces (bool): Collapse extra/redundant extra spaces to single space? (default=true) Since 3.0.132
  • replacements (array): Associative array of strings to manually replace. (default=[' ' => ' '])

Return value


See Also

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API reference based on ProcessWire core version 3.0.214

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