WireSaveableItems class

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WireSaveableItems::added(Saveable $item)
(nothing)Hook that runs right after a new item has been added.
WireSaveableItems::clone(Saveable $item)
bool SaveableCreate and return a cloned copy of this item
WireSaveableItems::cloneReady(Saveable $item, Saveable $copy)
(nothing)Hook that runs right before item is to be cloned.
WireSaveableItems::cloned(Saveable $item, Saveable $copy)
(nothing)Hook that runs right after an item has been cloned.
WireSaveableItems::delete(Saveable $item)
boolDelete the provided item from the database
WireSaveableItems::deleteReady(Saveable $item)
(nothing)Hook that runs right before item is to be deleted.
WireSaveableItems::deleted(Saveable $item)
(nothing)Hook that runs right after an item has been deleted.
WireSaveableItems::error(string $text)
Wire WireSaveableItemsRecord an error
WireArrayFind items based on Selectors or selector string
WireArrayReturn the WireArray that this DAO stores it's items in 
stringReturn the default name of the field that load() should sort by (default is none) 
stringReturn the name of the table that this DAO stores item records in 
WireSaveableItems::load(WireArray $items)
WireLogSave to activity log, if enabled in config 
Saveable WireReturn a new blank item 
WireSaveableItems::save(Saveable $item)
boolSave the provided item to database
WireSaveableItems::saveReady(Saveable $item)
(nothing)Hook that runs right before item is to be saved.
WireSaveableItems::saved(Saveable $item)
(nothing)Hook that runs right after an item has been saved.
boolEnforce no locally-scoped fuel for this class 

Additional methods and properties

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API reference based on ProcessWire core version 3.0.125

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