$input->queryStringClean() method

Return a cleaned query string that was part of this request, or blank if none

Note: it is recommended that you always specify $options with this method as the defaults may or may not be consistent with your needs.

Available since version 3.0.167.


// basic usage
$string = $input->queryStringClean();

// usage with all arguments
$string = $input->queryStringClean(array $options = []);


options (optional)array
  • values (array): Optional associative array of [name=value] to use in query string rather than current GET vars. (default=[])
  • overrides (array): Array of values to override or add to current request values. (default=[])
  • validNames (array): Only include query string variables with these names, and omit any others. (default=[])
  • maxItems (int): Maximum number of variables/items to include in the query string or 0 for no max. (default=20)
  • maxLength (int): Max overall length of returned query string or 0 for no max. (default=1024)
  • maxNameLength (int): Max length of any “name” in the “name=value” portion of a query string or 0 for no max. (default=50)
  • maxValueLength (int): Max length of any “value” in the “name=value” portion of a query string or 0 for no max. (default=255)
  • maxArrayDepth (int): Maximum depth for arrays, or 0 to disallow arrays. (default=0)
  • maxArrayItems (int): Maximum number of items allowed in arrays or 0 for no max. (default=20)
  • associative (bool): Allow associative arrays? (default=false)
  • sanitizeName (string): Sanitize query string variable names with this sanitizer method or blank to ignore. (default='fieldName')
  • sanitizeValue (string): Sanitize query string variable values with this sanitizer method or blank to ignore. (default='line')
  • sanitizeRemove (bool): Remove any variables from query string that are changed as the result of sanitization? (default=true)
  • entityEncode (bool): Should returned query string be entity encoded for HTML output? (default=true)
  • encType (int): Use PHP_QUERY_RFC3986 for spaces encoded to '%20' or PHP_QUERY_RFC1738 for spaces as '+'. (default=PHP_QUERY_RFC3986)
  • separator (string): Character(s) that separate each “name=value” in query string. (default='&')

Return value


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API reference based on ProcessWire core version 3.0.185

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