WireHttp::patch() method

Send a PATCH request to a URL

“The HTTP PATCH request method applies partial modifications to a resource.” More about PATCH

Available since version 3.0.222.


// basic usage
$bool = $http->patch(string $url);

// usage with all arguments
$bool = $http->patch(string $url, $data = [], array $options = []);



URL to PATCH to (including http:// or https://)

data (optional)array, string

Associative array of data to send (if not already set before), or raw data to send (such as JSON string)

options (optional)array

Optional options to modify default behavior, see the send() method for details.

Return value

bool string

False on failure or string of contents received on success.

$http methods and properties

API reference based on ProcessWire core version 3.0.225

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