$files->chmod() method

Change the read/write mode of a file or directory, consistent with ProcessWire's configuration settings

Unless a specific mode is provided via the $chmod argument, this method uses the $config->chmodDir and $config->chmodFile settings in /site/config.php.

This method also provides the option of going recursive, adjusting the read/write mode for an entire file/directory tree at once.

The $recursive or $chmod arguments may be optionally swapped in order (since 3.0.34).


// Update the mode of /site/assets/cache/foo-bar/ recursively
$files->chmod($config->paths->cache . 'foo-bar/', true); 


// basic usage
$bool = $files->chmod(string $path);

// usage with all arguments
$bool = $files->chmod(string $path, $recursive = false, $chmod = null);



Path or file that you want to adjust mode for (may be a path/directory or a filename).

recursive (optional)bool, string

If set to true, all files and directories in $path will be recursively set as well (default=false).

chmod (optional)string, null, bool

If you want to set the mode to something other than ProcessWire's chmodFile/chmodDir settings, you may override it by specifying it here. Ignored otherwise. Format should be a string, like "0755".

Return value


Returns true if all changes were successful, or false if at least one chmod failed.


Method can throw exceptions on error:

  • WireException - when it receives incorrect chmod format

$files methods and properties

API reference based on ProcessWire core version 3.0.236

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