WireArray::sort() method

Sort this WireArray by the given properties.

  • Sort properties can be given as a string in the format name, datestamp or as an array of strings, i.e. ["name", "datestamp"].

  • You may also specify the properties as property.subproperty, where property resolves to a Wire derived object in each item, and subproperty resolves to a property within that object.

  • Prepend or append a minus "-" to reverse the sort (per field).


// Sort newest to oldest

// Sort by last_name then first_name
$items->sort("last_name, first_name"); 


// basic usage

// usage with all arguments
$wireArray->sort($properties, $flags = null);


propertiesstring, array

Field names to sort by (CSV string or array).

flags (optional)int, null

Optionally specify sort flags (see sortFlags method for details).

Return value


reference to current instance.

WireArray methods and properties

API reference based on ProcessWire core version 3.0.185

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