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boolReturns true if a TFA process is currently active 
boolDoes this TFA module support automatic enable? 
Tfa::autoEnableUser(User $user)
(nothing)Auto-enable this TFA module for given $user 
Tfa::autoRoleIDs array Role IDs to enforce $autoType or blank for all roles, applies only if $autoType set (default=[]) 
Tfa::autoType string Automatic/force TFA type (module name) to use when user doesn’t already have TFA enabled (default='') 
InputfieldFormBuild the form used for two-factor authentication
Tfa::cancelLabel string Label to use for Cancel link (default='Cancel', translatable) 
Tfa::cancelMarkup string Markup to use for the cancel link that appears under auth code form, must have {url} and {label} placeholders. 
Tfa::codeExpire int Codes expire after this many seconds (default=180) 
Tfa::codeLength int Required length for authentication code (default=6) 
Tfa::codeType int Type of TFA code to use, see codeType constants (default=0, which is Tfa::codeTypeDigits) 
Tfa::configureLabel string Indicates that TFA needs to be configured 
Tfa::enabledDescLabel string Describes enabled TFA and how to change settings 
Tfa::enabledLabel string Indicates TFA enabled 
Tfa::expiredCodeLabel string Expired code error 
Tfa::fieldTfaTypeDescLabel string Description of 2-factor auth type 
Tfa::fieldTfaTypeLabel string Select 2-factor auth type 
Tfa::formAttrs array Form <form> element attributes 
Tfa nullGet the TFA module for given user or current session 
Tfa::getModuleConfigInputfields(InputfieldWrapper $inputfields)
(nothing)Module configuration 
stringGet translated Tfa type name (short name) 
stringGet translated Tfa type summary 
stringGet translated Tfa type title (longer name) 
UserGet current user for TFA 
Tfa::getUserEnabledInputfields(User $user, InputfieldWrapper $fieldset, array $settings)
(nothing)Get fields for when user already has TFA enabled
Tfa::getUserSettings(User $user)
arrayGet TFA data for given user from user_tfa field 
Tfa::getUserSettingsInputfields(User $user, InputfieldWrapper $fieldset, array $settings)
(nothing)Get fields needed for a user to configure and confirm TFA from their user profile
Tfa::hookAfterInputfieldFormProcess(HookEvent $event)
(nothing)Hook after InputfieldForm::processInput() 
Tfa::hookBeforeInputfieldFormProcess(HookEvent $event)
(nothing)Hook before InputfieldForm::processInput() 
Tfa::hookInputfieldFormRender(HookEvent $event)
(nothing)Hook before InputfieldForm::render() 
(nothing)Module init 
Tfa::inputAttrs array Code <input> element attributes 
Tfa::inputLabel string Label for code <input> element 
(nothing)Module module and other assets required to execute it
Tfa::invalidCodeLabel string Invalid code error 
Tfa::isValidUserCode(User $user, $code, array $settings)
bool intReturn true if code is valid or false if not 
Tfa::maxAttemptsLabel string Max attempts error  
User boolProcess two-factor authentication code input
Tfa::processUserEnabledInputfields(User $user, InputfieldWrapper $fieldset, array $settings, array $settingsPrev)
arrayCalled when the user config fieldset has been processed (for enabled user) but before $settings have been saved
Tfa::processUserSettingsInputfields(User $user, InputfieldWrapper $fieldset, array $settings, array $settingsPrev)
arrayCalled when the user config fieldset has been processed but before $settings have been saved
Tfa::rememberClearLabel string Clear remembered browsers 
Tfa::rememberClearedLabel string Message after remembered browsers cleared 
Tfa::rememberDays int Number of days to "remember this browser", 0 to disable option, or -1 for no limit? (default=0) 
Tfa::rememberFingerprints array Fingerprints to remember: agent,agentVL,accept,scheme,host,ip,fwip (default=agentVL,accept,scheme,host) 
Tfa::rememberLabel string Label for "remember this browser" option  
Tfa::rememberSkipLabel string Indicates that code entry was skipped because browser is remembered 
Tfa::rememberSuccessLabel string Indicates that browser has been saved/remembered for n days. 
stringRender the code input form
Tfa::saveUserSettings(User $user, array $settings)
boolSave TFA data for given user to user_tfa field 
Tfa::sendCodeErrorLabel string Error creating or sending code 
Tfa::showCancel bool Show a cancel link under authentication code form? (default=true) 
Tfa::start(string $name, string $pass)
boolStart 2-factor authentication
Tfa::startUrl string URL we are operating from (default='./') 
Tfa::startUser(User $user, array $settings)
boolStart two-factor authentication for User 
Tfa::submitAttrs array Submit button attributes 
Tfa::submitLabel string Label for submit button 
boolReturns true when TFA has successfully completed and user is now logged in 
Tfa::timeLimitLabel string Time limit reached error 
(nothing)Called when assigned to ProcessWire instance 

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API reference based on ProcessWire core version 3.0.163

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