Selectors::getSelectorByFieldValue() method

Get the first selector that uses given field name AND has the given value

Using $or: By default this excludes selectors that have fields or values in an OR expression, like "a|b|c". So if you specified field "a" it would not be matched. If you wanted it to still match, specify true for the $or argument.

Using $all: By default only the first matching selector is returned. If you want it to return all matching selectors in an array, then specify true for the $all argument. This changes the return value to always be an array of Selector objects, or a blank array if no match.

Available since version 3.0.142.


// basic usage
$selector = $selectors->getSelectorByFieldValue(string $fieldName, $value);

// usage with all arguments
$selector = $selectors->getSelectorByFieldValue(string $fieldName, $value, bool $or = false, bool $all = false);



Name of field to match

valuestring, int

Value that must match

or (optional)bool

Allow fields and values that appear in OR expressions? (default=false)

all (optional)bool

Return an array of all matching Selector objects? (default=false)

Return value

Selector array null

Returns null if field not present in selectors (or blank array if $all mode)

Selectors methods and properties

API reference based on ProcessWire core version 3.0.236

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