Selectors::getOperators() method

Get all operators allowed by selectors

Available since version 3.0.154.


// basic usage
$array = Selectors::getOperators();

// usage with all arguments
$array = Selectors::getOperators(array $options = []);


options (optional)array
  • operator (string): Return info for only this operator. When specified, only value is returned (default='').
  • compareType (int): Return only operators matching given Selector::compareType* constant (default=0).
  • getIndexType (string): Index type to use in returned array: 'operator', 'className', 'class', or 'none' (default='class')
  • getValueType (string): Value type to use in returned array: 'operator', 'class', 'className', 'label', 'description', 'compareType', 'verbose' (default='operator'). If 'verbose' option used then assoc array returned for each operator containing 'class', 'className', 'operator', 'compareType', 'label', 'description'.

Return value

array string int

Returned array where both keys and values are operators (or values are requested 'valueType' option) If 'operator' option specified, return value is string, int or array (requested 'valueType'), and there is no indexType.

Selectors methods and properties

API reference based on ProcessWire core version 3.0.185

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