$sanitizer->trunc() method

Truncate string to given maximum length without breaking words and with no added visible extras

This is a shortcut to the truncate() sanitizer, sanitizing to nearest word with the more option disabled and the collapseLinesWith set to 1 space (rather than ellipsis).

Available since version 3.0.157.


// basic usage
$string = $sanitizer->trunc(string $str);

// usage with all arguments
$string = $sanitizer->trunc(string $str, $maxLength = 300, array $options = []);



String to truncate

maxLength (optional)int, array

Maximum allowed length in characters, or substitute $options argument here

options (optional)array

See options for truncate() method or specify type option (word, punctuation, sentence, block).

Return value


$sanitizer methods and properties

API reference based on ProcessWire core version 3.0.236

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