$sanitizer->selectorValueAdvanced() method

Sanitize selector value for advanced text search operator (#=)

The advanced text search operator #= supports some characters that are typically excluded from selector values, so this method enables you to prepare a selector value for use with it. This method should not be used for sanitizing any other kinds of selector values.

Characters that have meaning to the advanced text search operator include +-*()" and thus their appearance in the $value argument is assumed to be a command rather than text to search for. Though note that non-matching double quotes or parenthesis are removed.

Note: If double quotes are used in your selector value, this method will convert them to matching parenthesis, i.e. +"phrase" gets converted to +(phrase).

Available since version 3.0.182.


// basic usage
$bool = $sanitizer->selectorValueAdvanced($value);

// usage with all arguments
$bool = $sanitizer->selectorValueAdvanced($value, array $options = []);


valuestring, array
options (optional)array

See options for Sanitizer::selectorValue() method

Return value

bool mixed string

See Also

$sanitizer methods and properties

API reference based on ProcessWire core version 3.0.184

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