$sanitizer->removeWhitespace() method

Remove or replace all whitespace from string

Available since version 3.0.105.


// basic usage
$string = $sanitizer->removeWhitespace(string $str);

// usage with all arguments
$string = $sanitizer->removeWhitespace(string $str, $options = []);



String to remove whitespace from

options (optional)array, string

Options to modify behavior, or specify string for replace option:

  • replace (string): Character(s) to replace whitespace with (default='').
  • collapse (bool): If using replace, collapse consecutive replace chars to single? (default=true)
  • trim (bool): If using replace, trim it from beginning and end? (default=true)
  • html (bool): Remove/replace HTML whitespace entities too? (default=true)
  • allow (array): Array of whitespace characters that may remain. (default=[])

Return value


$sanitizer methods and properties

API reference based on ProcessWire core version 3.0.160

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