$sanitizer->intArray() method

Sanitize array or CSV string to array of unsigned integers (or signed integers if specified $min is less than 0)

If string specified, string delimiter may be comma (","), or pipe ("|"), or you may override with the 'delimiter' option.


// basic usage
$array = $sanitizer->intArray($value);

// usage with all arguments
$array = $sanitizer->intArray($value, $options = []);


valuearray, string, mixed

Accepts an array or CSV string. If given something else, it becomes first value in array.

options (optional)array, bool

Optional options (see Sanitizer::array() and Sanitizer::int() methods for options), plus these two:

  • min (int): Minimum allowed value (default=0)
  • max (int): Maximum allowed value (default=PHP_INT_MAX)
  • strict (bool): Remove rather than convert any values that are not all digits or fall outside min/max range? (default=false) Since 3.0.157+
  • maxItems (int): Maximum items allowed in each array (default=0, which means no limit)
  • maxDepth (int): Max nested array depth (default=0, which means no nesting allowed) Since 3.0.160
  • You may specify boolean true for $options argument to use just the strict option. (3.0.157+)
  • The following options are only used if the provided $value is a string:
  • csv (bool): Allow conversion of delimited string to array? (default=true) Since 3.0.165
  • delimiter (string): Single delimiter to use to identify CSV strings. Overrides the 'delimiters' option when specified (default=null)
  • delimiters (array): Delimiters to identify CSV strings. First found delimiter will be used, default=array("|", ",")
  • enclosure (string): Enclosure to use for CSV strings (default=double quote, i.e. ")

Return value


Array of integers

$sanitizer methods and properties

API reference based on ProcessWire core version 3.0.185

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