ProcessPageLister class

Admin tool for finding and listing pages by any property.

Click any linked item for full usage details and examples. Hookable methods are indicated with the icon. In addition to those shown below, the ProcessPageLister class also inherits all the methods and properties of: Process, WireData and Wire.

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ProcessPageLister::addSessionBookmark(string $id, array $bookmark)
stringGiven a unique ID and an array of Lister settings (in $bookmark) return a URL to view those pages in Lister 
ProcessPageLister::addURL string Add page base URL [$config->urls->admin . 'page/add/']  
ProcessPageLister::allowBookmarks bool Whether or not to allow bookmarks 
ProcessPageLister::allowIncludeAll bool allow include=all or check_access=0 mode when user is non-superuser? [false] 
ProcessPageLister::allowSystem bool whether or not system templates/fields are allowed for selection. for system fields, it only refers to system custom fields excluding title. [false] 
ProcessPageLister::blankLabel string Label when a field is blank (default=Blank) 
(nothing)Build the columns asmSelect 
ProcessPageLister::buildListerTableColActions(Page $p, $value)
ProcessPageLister::cacheTotal bool cache the total, per selector, for increased performance? [true]  
null int boolCheck for a bookmark specified in GET variable $n 
ProcessPageLister::columns array Array of columns (field names) to display in the lister  
ProcessPageLister::configMode bool Configuration mode where some limits are removed (default=false) 
ProcessPageLister::defaultLimit int Max items to show per pagination [25] 
ProcessPageLister::defaultSelector string The default selector string that appears but MAY be removed or changed [template=, title%=] 
ProcessPageLister::defaultSort string Default field to sort by [-modified] 
ProcessPageLister::delimiters array Delimiters for multi-value column values, indexed by field name 
ProcessPageLister::disallowColumns array columns that may not be displayed [array(pass,config)] 
ProcessPageLister::editMode int Edit mode, see windowMode constants [self::windowModeNone]  
ProcessPageLister::editOption int Edit option setting, used only by ListerPro 
ProcessPageLister::editURL string Edit page base URL [$config->urls->admin . 'page/edit/']  
stringExecute the main Lister action, which is to render the Lister
stringImplementation for ./edit-bookmark/ URL segment
string arrayOutput JSON list of navigation items for this module's bookmarks
(nothing)Execute the 'reset' action, which resets columns, filters, and anything else stored in the session
stringCatch-all for bookmarks
ProcessPageLister::get(string $key)
mixed stringGet a Lister setting 
InputfieldSelectorGet the InputfieldSelector instance for this Lister 
stringGet the selector string to be used in finding results
ProcessPageLister::getSelectorTemplates(string $selector)
arrayDetermine allowed templates from selector string 
ProcessPageLister::identifyLanguage(string $name)
Language nullIdentify language for given field name / column name 
ProcessPageLister::imageFirst int bool Show only first image? [false]  
ProcessPageLister::imageHeight int Height for thumbnails, 0=proportional to width [100] 
ProcessPageLister::imageStyle int 1=Detailed, 0=Image only (default=0) 
ProcessPageLister::imageWidth int Width for thumbnails, 0=proportional to height [0] 
ProcessPageLister::initSelector string The selector string that may not be changed. 
ProcessPageLister::limitFields array Limit selectable filters/columns to only those present in this array [empty] 
ProcessPageLister::nativeDateFormat string wireDate() format for created and modified dates 
ProcessPageLister::parent null Page Parent page for all listed children (optional) 
(nothing)Prepare the session values for external assets 
ProcessPageLister::preview bool whether or not to show the selector string preview in InputfieldSelector [self::debug] 
ProcessPageLister::removeBlankSelectors(string $selector)
stringRemove blank items like "template=, " from the selector string 
stringReturn a markup string with scripts that load external assets for an ajax request 
stringRender additional tabs, setup so that descending classes can use as a template method 
(nothing)Reset all Lister settings so it is starting from a blank state 
ProcessPageLister::responsiveTable bool Whether or not Lister table should be responsive rather than horiz scroll 
(nothing)Clear all Lister session variables 
ProcessPageLister::sessionGet(string $key)
string int array nullGet a Lister session variable 
ProcessPageLister::sessionSet(string $key, $value)
(nothing)Set a Lister session variable 
ProcessPageLister::set(string $key, mixed $value)
ProcessPageLister ProcessSet a Lister setting 
ProcessPageLister::showIncludeWarnings bool Whether or not to show warnings about what pages were excluded to to max "include=" mode [true] 
ProcessPageLister::statusLabels array Array of status labels of status_name => label 
ProcessPageLister::systemLabels array Array of system page labels of field_name => label 
ProcessPageLister::template null Template Template page for all listed children (optional) 
ProcessPageLister::toggles array One or more of: collapseFilters, collapseColumns, noNewFilters, disableColumns, noButtons [empty] 
ProcessPageLister::useColumnLabels bool whether to use labels for fields (versus names) in column selection and column labels [true]  
ProcessPageLister::viewMode int View mode, see windowMode constants [self::windowModeNone] 

For hooks

These methods are only useful for hooking and should not be called directly.

Additional methods and properties

In addition to the methods and properties above, ProcessPageLister also inherits the methods and properties of these classes:

API reference based on ProcessWire core version 3.0.163

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