$pages->has() method

Is there any page that matches the given $selector in the system? (with no exclusions)

  • This can be used as an “exists” type of method.
  • Returns ID of first matching page if any exist, or 0 if none exist (returns array if $verbose is true).
  • Like with the get() method, no pages are excluded, so an include=all is not necessary in selector.
  • If you need to quickly check if something exists, this method is preferable to using a count() or get().

When $verbose option is used, an array is returned instead. Verbose return array includes page id, parent_id and templates_id indexes.

Available since version 3.0.153.


// basic usage
$array = $pages->has($selector);

// usage with all arguments
$array = $pages->has($selector, bool $verbose = false);


selectorstring, int, array, Selectors
verbose (optional)bool

Return verbose array with page id, parent_id, templates_id rather than just page id? (default=false)

Return value

array int

See Also

$pages methods and properties

API reference based on ProcessWire core version 3.0.167

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