$pages->findIDs() method

Like $pages->find() except returns array of IDs rather than Page objects.

  • This is a faster method to use when you only need to know the matching page IDs.
  • The default behavior is to simply return a regular PHP array of matching page IDs in order.
  • The alternate behavior (verbose) returns more information for each match, as outlined below.

Verbose option:
When specifying boolean true for the $options argument (or using the verbose option), the return value is an array of associative arrays, with each of those associative arrays containing id, parent_id and templates_id keys for each page.

Available since version 3.0.46.


// returns array of page IDs (integers) like [ 1234, 1235, 1236 ]
$a = $pages->findIDs("foo=bar");

// verbose option: returns array of associative arrays, each with id, parent_id and templates_id
$a = $pages->findIDs("foo=bar", true);


// basic usage
$array = $pages->findIDs($selector);

// usage with all arguments
$array = $pages->findIDs($selector, $options = []);


selectorstring, array, Selectors

Selector to find page IDs.

options (optional)array, bool

Options to modify behavior.

  • verbose (bool): Specify true to make return value array of associative arrays, each with verbose info.
  • The verbose option above can also be specified by providing boolean true as the $options argument.
  • See Pages::find() $options argument for additional options.

Return value


Array of page IDs, or in verbose mode: array of arrays, each with id, parent_id and templates_id keys.

$pages methods and properties

API reference based on ProcessWire core version 3.0.125

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