PagesLoaderCache class

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PagesLoaderCache::cache(Page $page)
(nothing)Cache the given page. 
PagesLoaderCache::cacheGroup(Page $page, string $groupName)
(nothing)Cache given page into a named group that it can be uncached with 
Page array nullGiven a Page ID, return it if it's cached, or NULL of it's not. 
array stringGet cache status 
PagesLoaderCache::getSelectorCache(string $selector, array $options)
array null string PageArrayRetrieve any cached page IDs for the given selector and options OR false if none found. 
PagesLoaderCache::selectorCache(string $selector, array $options, PageArray $pages)
boolCache the given selector string and options with the given PageArray 
boolRemove the given page from the cache. 
intRemove all pages from the cache 
PagesLoaderCache::uncacheGroup(string $groupName)
intUncache pages that were cached with given group name 

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API reference based on ProcessWire core version 3.0.200

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