Pageimage::height() method

Return the height of this image OR return an image sized with a given height (and proportional width).

  • If given a height, it'll return a new Pageimage object sized to that height.
  • If not given a height, it'll return the height of this Pageimage.


// Get height of image
$px = $image->height();

// Create a new variation at 200px height
$thumb = $image->height(200);


// basic usage
$int = $pageimage->height();

// usage with all arguments
$int = $pageimage->height(int $n = 0, $options = []);


n (optional)int

Optional height if you are creating a new size.

options (optional)array, string, int, bool

See Pageimage::size() $options argument for details.

Return value

int Pageimage

Returns height (in px) when given no arguments, or Pageimage when given a height argument.

Pageimage methods and properties

API reference based on ProcessWire core version 3.0.137

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