Pageimage::getVariations() method

Get all size variations of this image

This is useful after a delete of an image (for example). This method can be used to track down all the child files that also need to be deleted.


// basic usage
$pageimages = $pageimage->getVariations();

// usage with all arguments
$pageimages = $pageimage->getVariations(array $options = []);


options (optional)array

Optional, one or more options in an associative array of the following:

  • info (bool): when true, method returns variation info arrays rather than Pageimage objects (default=false).
  • verbose (bool|int): Return verbose array of info. If false, returns only filenames (default=true). This option does nothing unless the info option is true. Also note that if verbose is false, then all options following this one no longer apply (since it is no longer returning width/height info). When integer 1, returned info array also includes Pageimage variation options in 'pageimage' index of returned arrays (since 3.0.137).
  • width (int): only variations with given width will be returned
  • height (int): only variations with given height will be returned
  • width>= (int): only variations with width greater than or equal to given will be returned
  • height>= (int): only variations with height greater than or equal to given will be returned
  • width<= (int): only variations with width less than or equal to given will be returned
  • height<= (int): only variations with height less than or equal to given will be returned
  • suffix (string): only variations having the given suffix will be returned
  • suffixes (array): only variations having one of the given suffixes will be returned
  • noSuffix (string): exclude variations having this suffix
  • noSuffixes (array): exclude variations having any of these suffixes
  • name (string): only variations containing this text in filename will be returned (case insensitive)
  • noName (string): only variations NOT containing this text in filename will be returned (case insensitive)
  • regexName (string): only variations that match this PCRE regex will be returned

Return value

Pageimages array

Returns Pageimages array of Pageimage instances. Only returns regular array if provided $options['info'] is true.

Pageimage methods and properties

API reference based on ProcessWire core version 3.0.200

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