Pagefile::hasTag() method

Does this file have the given tag(s)?


$file = $page->files->first();

if($file->hasTag('foobar')) {
  // file has the "foobar" tag

if($file->hasTag("foo|baz")) {
  // file has either the foo OR baz tag

if($file->hasTag("foo,baz")) {
 // file has both the foo AND baz tags (since 3.0.17)


$bool = $pagefile->hasTag(string $tag);



Specify one of the following:

  • Single tag without whitespace.
  • Multiple tags separated by a "|" to determine if Pagefile has at least one of the tags.
  • Multiple tags separated by a comma to determine if Pagefile has all of the tags. (since 3.0.17)

Return value

bool string

True if it has the given tag(s), false if not.

  • If multiple tags were specified separated by a "|", then if at least one was present, this method returns the found tag.
  • If multiple tags were specified separated by a space or comma, and all tags are present, it returns true. (since 3.0.17)


  • 3.0.17 Added support for AND mode, where multiple tags can be specified and all must be present to return true.
  • 3.0.17 OR mode now returns found tag rather than boolean true.

See Also

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API reference based on ProcessWire core version 3.0.228

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