PagefileExtra class

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PagefileExtra::HTTPURL string No-cache version of httpUrl 
PagefileExtra::URL string No-cache version of url 
stringReturn just the basename (no path)
Can also be used as property: PagefileExtra::basename
boolCreate the extra file
boolDoes the extra file currently exist?
Can also be used as property: PagefileExtra::exists
PagefileExtra::ext string Alias of extension 
PagefileExtra::extension string File extension 
stringReturn the full server disk path to the extra file, whether it exists or not
Can also be used as property: PagefileExtra::filename
intReturn the file size in bytes
Can also be used as property: PagefileExtra::filesize
stringReturn human readable file size string
Can also be used as property: PagefileExtra::filesizeStr
PagefileExtra::get(string $key)
bool int mixed null stringGet property 
stringReturn the HTTP URL to the extra file
Can also be used as property: PagefileExtra::httpUrl
PagefileExtra::pagefile Pagefile Pageimage Source Pageimage object 
PagefileExtra::pathname string Alias of filename 
boolRename the extra file to be consistent with Pagefile name 
PagefileExtra::savings int Bytes saved by this extra 
PagefileExtra::savingsPct string Percent savings by this extra 
PagefileExtra::savingsStr string Human readable savings by this extra 
(nothing)Set extension for this extra 
PagefileExtra::setPagefile(Pagefile $pagefile)
(nothing)Set Pagefile instance this extra is connected to 
boolUnlink/delete the extra file 
stringReturn the URL to the extra file, creating it if it does not already exist
Can also be used as property: PagefileExtra::url
PagefileExtra::useSrcExt bool Use longer filenames that also include the Pagefile’s extension? (default=false) 
PagefileExtra::useSrcUrlOnFail bool Use source Pagefile URL if extra image does not exist and cannot be created? (default=false) 
PagefileExtra::useSrcUrlOnSize bool Use source Pagefile URL if extra file is larger than source file? (default=false) 

Additional methods and properties

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API reference based on ProcessWire core version 3.0.160

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