$page->siblings() method

Return this Page’s sibling pages, optionally filtered by a selector.

To exclude the current page in list of siblings, specify boolean false for first or second argument.


// Get all sibling pages 
$siblings = $page->siblings();

// Get all sibling pages, and exclude current page from the returned value
$siblings = $page->siblings(false);

// Get all siblings having the "product-featured" template, sorted by name
$featured = $page->siblings("template=product-featured, sort=name");

// Same as above, while excluding current page
$featured = $page->siblings("template=product-featured, sort=name", false);


// basic usage
$items = $page->siblings();

// usage with all arguments
$items = $page->siblings($selector = '', bool $includeCurrent = true);


selector (optional)string, array, bool

Optional selector to filter siblings by, or omit for all siblings.

includeCurrent (optional)bool

Specify false to exclude current page in the returned siblings (default=true). If no $selector argument is given, this argument may optionally be specified as the first argument.

Return value

$page methods and properties

API reference based on ProcessWire core version 3.0.185

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