$page->parents() method

Return this page’s parent pages, or the parent pages matching the given selector.

This method returns all parents of this page, in order. If a selector is specified, they will be filtered by the selector.


// Render breadcrumbs 
foreach($page->parents() as $parent) {
  echo "<li><a href='$parent->url'>$parent->title</a></li>";
// Return all parents, excluding the homepage
$parents = $page->parents("template!=home"); 


// basic usage
$items = $page->parents();

// usage with all arguments
$items = $page->parents($selector = '');


selector (optional)string, array

Optional selector string to filter parents by.

Return value


All parent pages, or those matching the given selector.

$page methods and properties

API reference based on ProcessWire core version 3.0.137

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