$page->next() method

Return the next sibling page

By default, hidden, unpublished and non-viewable pages are excluded. If you want them included, be sure to specify include= with hidden, unpublished or all, in your selector.


// Get the next sibling
$sibling = $page->next();

// Get the next newest sibling
$sibling = $page->next("created>$page->created");

// Get the next sibling, even if it isn't viewable
$sibling = $page->next("include=all");


// basic usage
$page = $page->next();

// usage with all arguments
$page = $page->next($selector = '', PageArray $siblings = null);


selector (optional)string, array

Optional selector. When specified, will find nearest next sibling that matches.

siblings (optional)PageArray

Optional siblings to use instead of the default. Avoid using this argument as it forces this method to use the older/slower functions.

Return value

Page NullPage

Returns the next sibling page, or a NullPage if none found.

$page methods and properties

API reference based on ProcessWire core version 3.0.148

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