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PageValues::formatFieldValue(Page $page, Field $field, mixed $value)
mixedReturn a value consistent with the page’s output formatting state 
PageValues::getBracketValue(Page $page, string $key)
mixedGet value that ends with square brackets to get iterable value, filtered value or property value 
PageValues::getDotValue(Page $page, string $key)
mixed nullGiven a 'field.subfield' type string traverse properties and return value 
PageValues::getFieldFirstValue(page $page, string $multiKey)
null mixedGiven a Multi Key, determine if there are multiple keys requested and return the first non-empty value 
PageValues::getFieldValue($page, string $key)
null mixedGet the value for a non-native page field, and call upon Fieldtype to join it if not autojoined 
PageValues::getMarkup(Page $page, string $key)
stringReturn the markup value for a given field name or {tag} string 
PageValues::getMultiple(page $page, $keys)
arrayGet multiple Page property/field values in an array 
PageValues::getText(Page $page, string $key)
stringSame as getMarkup() except returned value is plain text 
PageValues::removeStatus(Page $page, $statusFlag)
PageRemove the specified status from this page 
PageValues::setName($page, string $value)
PageSet the page name, optionally for specific language 
PageValues::setStatus(Page $page, $value)
PageSet the status setting, with some built-in protections 

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API reference based on ProcessWire core version 3.0.209

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