Inputfield::wrapAttr() method

Get or set attribute for the element wrapping this Inputfield

Use this method when you need to assign some attribute to the outer wrapper of the Inputfield.


// basic usage
$inputfield = $inputfield->wrapAttr();

// usage with all arguments
$inputfield = $inputfield->wrapAttr($key = null, $value = null);


key (optional)string, null, bool

Specify one of the following for $key:

  • Specify string containing name of attribute to set.
  • Omit (or null or true) to get all wrap attributes as associative array.
value (optional)string, null, bool

Specify one of the following for $value:

  • Omit if getting an attribute.
  • Value to set for $key of setting.
  • Boolean false to remove the attribute specified for $key.

Return value

Inputfield string array null

Returns one of the following:

  • If getting, returns attribute value of NULL if not present.
  • If setting, returns $this.

See Also

Inputfield methods and properties

API reference based on ProcessWire core version 3.0.236

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