Inputfield::removeClass() method

Remove the given class (or classes) from this Inputfield


// Remove the "foo" class

// Remove both the "foo" and "bar" classes (since 3.0.16)
$inputfield->removeClass('foo bar');

// Remove the "bar" class from the wrapping .Inputfield element
$inputfield->removeClass('bar', 'wrapClass'); 


// basic usage

// usage with all arguments
$inputfield->removeClass($class, string $property = 'class');


classstring, array

Class name you want to remove or specify one of the following:

  • Single class name to remove.
  • Space-separated class names you want to remove (Since 3.0.16).
  • Array of class names you want to remove (Since 3.0.16).
property (optional)string

Optionally specify the property you want to remove class from:

  • class (string): Default setting. Class for the input element (or whatever the Inputfield default is).
  • wrapClass (string): Class for the ".Inputfield" wrapping element, the most outer level element used for this Inputfield.
  • headerClass (string): Class for the ".InputfieldHeader" label element.
  • contentClass (string): Class for the ".InputfieldContent" wrapping element.
  • Or some other class property defined by a descending Inputfield class.

Return value


Object instance it was called from (method supports fluent interface).

See Also

Inputfield methods and properties

API reference based on ProcessWire core version 3.0.236

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