Inputfield::hasClass() method

Does this Inputfield have the given class name (or names)?


if($inputfield->hasClass('foo')) {
  // This Inputfield has a class attribute with "foo"

if($inputfield->hasClass('bar', 'wrapClass')) {
  // This .Inputfield wrapper has a class attribute with "bar"

if($inputfield->hasClass('foo bar')) {
  // This Inputfield has both "foo" and "bar" classes (Since 3.0.16)


// basic usage
$bool = $inputfield->hasClass($class);

// usage with all arguments
$bool = $inputfield->hasClass($class, string $property = 'class');


classstring, array

Specify class name or one of the following:

  • String containing name of class you want to check (string).
  • String containing Space separated string class names you want to check, all must be present for this method to return true. (Since 3.0.16)
  • Array of class names you want to check, all must be present for this method to return true. (Since 3.0.16)
property (optional)string

Optionally specify property you want to pull class from:

  • class (string): Default setting. Class for the input element (or whatever the Inputfield default is).
  • wrapClass (string): Class for the ".Inputfield" wrapping element, the most outer level element used for this Inputfield.
  • headerClass (string): Class for the ".InputfieldHeader" label element.
  • contentClass (string): Class for the ".InputfieldContent" wrapping element.
  • Or some other class property defined by a descending Inputfield class.

Return value


See Also

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API reference based on ProcessWire core version 3.0.236

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