Inputfield::attr() method

Get or set an attribute (or multiple attributes)

  • To get an attribute call this method with just the attribute name.
  • To set an attribute call this method with the attribute name and value to set.
  • You can also set multiple attributes at once, see examples below.
  • To get all attributes, just specify boolean true as first argument (since 3.0.16).


// Get the "value" attribute
$value = $inputfield->attr('value');

// Set the "value" attribute
$inputfield->attr('value', 'Foo and Bar');

// Set multiple attributes
  'name' => 'foobar',
  'value' => 'Foo and Bar',
  'class' => 'foo-bar',

// Set name and id attribute to "foobar"
$inputfield->attr("name+id", "foobar");

// Get all attributes in associative array (since 3.0.16)
$attrs = $inputfield->attr(true); 


// basic usage
$inputfield = $inputfield->attr($key);

// usage with all arguments
$inputfield = $inputfield->attr($key, $value = null);


keystring, array, bool

Specify one of the following:

  • Name of attribute to get (if getting an attribute).
  • Name of attribute to set (if setting an attribute, and also specifying a value).
  • Aassociative array to set multiple attributes.
  • String with attributes split by "+" or "|" to set them all to have the same value.
  • Specify boolean true to get all attributes in an associative array.
value (optional)string, int, bool, null

Value to set (if setting), omit otherwise.

Return value

Inputfield array string int object float

If setting an attribute, it returns this instance. If getting an attribute, the attribute is returned.

See Also

Inputfield methods and properties

API reference based on ProcessWire core version 3.0.225

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