InputfieldPageAutocomplete class

Multiple Page selection using auto completion and sorting capability. Intended for use as an input field for Page reference fields.

Click any linked item for full usage details and examples. Hookable methods are indicated with the icon. In addition to those shown below, the InputfieldPageAutocomplete class also inherits all the methods and properties of: Inputfield, WireData and Wire.

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InputfieldPageAutocomplete::allowAnyValue bool Allow any value to stay in the input, even if not selectable? (default=false) 
InputfieldPageAutocomplete::disableChars string Autocomplete won't be triggered if input contains any of the characters in this string. (default=blank) 
InputfieldPageAutocomplete::findPagesSelector string Optional selector to use for finding pages (default=blank) 
InputfieldWrapperProvide configuration options for modifying the behavior when paired with InputfieldPage
InputfieldPageAutocomplete::labelFieldFormat string Format string to display in the results, overrides labelFieldName when used (default=blank). 
InputfieldPageAutocomplete::labelFieldName string Field to display in the results. (default=title) 
InputfieldPageAutocomplete::lang_id int Force use of this language for results 
InputfieldPageAutocomplete::maxSelectedItems int Maximum number of items that may be selected (0=unlimited, default). 
InputfieldPageAutocomplete::operator string Selector operator to use in performing the search (default: %=) 
InputfieldPageAutocomplete::parent_id int Limit results to this parent, or if combined with findPagesSelector, the search is performed as $pages->get($parent_id)->find() rather than $pages->find(). 
InputfieldPageAutocomplete::processInput(WireInputData $input)
$thisConvert the CSV string provided in the $input to an array of ints needed for this fieldtype
stringRender the autocompletion widget
InputfieldPageAutocomplete::renderListItem($label, $value)
InputfieldPageAutocomplete::searchFields string Field(s) to search for text. Separate multiple by a space. (default=title) 
InputfieldPageAutocomplete::template_id int Limit results to pages using this template. 
InputfieldPageAutocomplete::template_ids array Limit results to pages using this templates (alternate to the single template_id).  
InputfieldPageAutocomplete::useAndWords bool When true, each word will be isolated to a separate searchFields=searchValue, which enables it to duplicate ~= operator behavior while using a %= operator (default=false). 
InputfieldPageAutocomplete::useList bool Whether or not to use a separate selected list. If false specified, selected item will be populated directly to the input. (default=true) 

Additional methods and properties

In addition to the methods and properties above, InputfieldPageAutocomplete also inherits the methods and properties of these classes:

API reference based on ProcessWire core version 3.0.200

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