ImageSizerEngine class

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ImageSizerEngine::autoRotation bool 
boolConvert image to greyscale 
boolConvert image to sepia 
ImageSizerEngine::cropping array string bool 
string bool arrayGiven an unknown cropping value, return the validated internal representation of it 
stringGiven an unknown cropping value, return the string representation of it 
ImageSizerEngine::defaultGamma float 
ImageSizerEngine::enginePriority int Priority for use among other ImageSizerEngine modules (0=disabled, 1=first, 2=second, 3=and so on) 
ImageSizerEngine::flip string 
boolFlip both vertically and horizontally 
boolFlip horizontally 
boolFlip vertically 
ImageSizerEngine::get(string $key)
mixed nullGet a property 
arrayGet module config data 
arrayGet array of information about this engine 
stringReturn the file extension 
stringReturn the filename 
intReturn the image height 
stringReturn the image type constant 
stringGet library version string 
boolGet whether the image was modified 
ImageSizerEngine::getModuleConfigInputfields(InputfieldWrapper $inputfields)
(nothing)Module configuration 
arrayReturn an array of the current options 
arrayGet an array of image file formats this ImageSizerModule can use as source or target 
intReturn the image width 
ImageSizerEngine::interlace bool 
boolModule info: not-autoload 
boolWas the image modified? 
boolModule info: not singular 
ImageSizerEngine::prepare(string $filename)
(nothing)Prepare the ImageSizer (this should be the first method you call) 
ImageSizerEngine::quality int 
ImageSizerEngine::resize(int $finalWidth, int $finalHeight)
boolResize the image 
ImageSizerEngine::rotate(int $degrees)
boolJust rotate image by number of degrees
Can also be used as property: ImageSizerEngine::rotate
ImageSizerEngine::scale float 
selfTurn on/off auto rotation 
ImageSizerEngine::setConfigData(array $data)
(nothing)Set module config data for ConfigurableModule interface 
ImageSizerEngine::setCropExtra(array $value)
selfSet values for cropExtra rectangle, which enables cropping before resizing 
selfTurn on/off cropping and/or set cropping direction 
selfSet default gamma value: 0.5 - 4.0 | -1 
selfSet flip 
selfEnable hidpi mode? 
selfTurn on/off interlace 
ImageSizerEngine::setModified(bool $modified)
selfSet whether the image was modified 
ImageSizerEngine::setOptions(array $options)
selfAlternative to the above set* functions where you specify all in an array 
ImageSizerEngine::setQuality(int $n)
selfSet the image quality 1-100, where 100 is highest quality 
selfSet rotation degrees 
ImageSizerEngine::setScale(float $scale)
selfSet scale for hidpi (2.0=hidpi, 1.0=normal, or other value if preferred) 
ImageSizerEngine::setSharpening(mixed $value)
selfSet sharpening value: blank (for none), soft, medium, or strong 
selfSet a time limit for manipulating one image (default is 30) 
selfTurn on/off upscaling 
selfToggle on/off the usage of USM algorithm for sharpening 
ImageSizerEngine::setWebpAdd(bool $webpAdd)
selfSet flag to also create a webp file or not 
selfSet flag to only create a webp file 
ImageSizerEngine::setWebpQuality(int $n)
selfSet the image quality 1-100 for WebP output, where 100 is highest quality 
ImageSizerEngine::sharpening string 
stringGiven an unknown sharpening value, return the string representation of it 
boolIs this ImageSizer class ready only means: does the server / system provide all Requirements! 
ImageSizerEngine::upscaling bool 
ImageSizerEngine::useUSM bool 
ImageSizerEngine::webpAdd bool 
ImageSizerEngine::webpOnly bool null 
ImageSizerEngine::webpQuality int 
ImageSizerEngine::webpResult bool null 
ImageSizerEngine::writeBackIPTC(string $filename)
bool nullDefault IPTC Handling 

Additional methods and properties

In addition to the methods and properties above, ImageSizerEngine also inherits the methods and properties of these classes:

API reference based on ProcessWire core version 3.0.155

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