wireLangEntityEncode() function

Set entity encoding state for language translation function calls

The function affects behavior of future __(), _x() and _n() calls.

The following can be used for the $value argument:

  • true (bool): Entity encoding ON
  • false (bool): Entity encoding OFF
  • 1 (int): Entity encode only if not already
  • null (null): Entity encoding undefined

To get current entity encoding state, call this function with no arguments.

Available since version 3.0.154. Versions 3.0.125 to 3.0.153 can use __(true, 'entityEncode', $value);


// basic usage
$bool = wireLangEntityEncode();

// usage with all arguments
$bool = wireLangEntityEncode($value = '');


value (optional)bool, int, string, null

Return value

bool int string null

Functions methods and properties

API reference based on ProcessWire core version 3.0.228

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