Get, find or save users ($users API variable as a function)

This function behaves the same as the $users API variable, though does support an optional shortcut argument for getting a single user or finding multiple users.


// Get a single user (regular and shortcut syntax)
$u = users()->get('karen');
$u = users('karen');

// Find multiple users (regular and shortcut syntax)
$us = users()->find('');
$us = users(''); 


// basic usage
$users = users();

// usage with all arguments
$users = users($selector = '');


selector (optional)string, array, int

Optional selector to send to find() or get()

  • Specify user name or ID to get and return that User
  • Specify a selector string to find all users matching selector (PageArray)

Return value

Users PageArray User mixed

Functions methods and properties

API reference based on ProcessWire core version 3.0.200

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