$forms API variable / FormBuilder class

Create or edit forms and manage submitted entries.

Click any linked item for full usage details and examples. Hookable methods are indicated with the icon. In addition to those shown below, the FormBuilder class also inherits all the methods and properties of: WireData and Wire.

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$forms->addNew(string $formName)
FormBuilderFormAdd a new form with the given name
$forms->akismetKey string 
intReturn number of forms here, per Countable interface 
intReturn the number of entries for the given form ID 
$forms->csvDelimiter string Delimeter to use for CSV files 
$forms->csvUseBOM bool Include a UTF-8 BOM at the beginning of CSV files? 
$forms->delete(FormBuilderForm $form)
boolDelete the given $form
stringGet the embed code for a given form 
$forms->embedCode string 
$forms->embedFields array Fields allowed for easy-embed 
$forms->embedTag string Easy embed tag 
bool FormBuilderFormGiven an entry array or ID return the FormBuilderForm object that it belongs to 
stringReturn the JSON schema for the given form ID 
$forms->filesPath string Path for file attachments 
$forms->findEntries(string $keywords)
arrayFind form entries across all forms (or on specific form if specified) 
(nothing)Called when request has finished 
FormBuilderFormConvert given value to FormBuilderForm if it isn’t already 
intConvert given value to form ID if is isn’t already 
$forms->formLog($form, string $str)
WireLogRecord a log entry for FormBuilder 
intConvert given value to form name if is isn’t already 
FormBuilderMainPlaceholder function for FormBuilderMain variable to ensure it's only instantiated when needed 
stringReturn the path where frameworks are stored 
stringReturn the URL where frameworks are stored 
$forms->fromEmail string Default from email for sent emails 
$forms->get(string $key)
mixedRetrieve a config variable or a form, depending on the key 
stringReturns a form embed key for matching request to response 
$forms->getEntry(int $entryID)
array boolGet a form entry by ID 
$forms->getFileFromKey(string $key)
bool stringRetrieve a filename from a transportable key 
$forms->getFileKey($formID, int $entryID, string $filename)
bool stringGenerate a transportable key for the given filename within a form and entry 
$forms->getFileURL($formID, int $entryID, string $filename)
bool stringReturn a URL where the given file can be viewed 
stringReturn path that FormBuilder uses for storing files
stringGet the name of a form 
array stringGet names of all forms (indexed by form ID) 
$forms->getFramework(FormBuilderForm $form)
FormBuilderFramework nullGet the framework used by the given $form 
FormBuilderForm FormBuilderRender stringLoad form from URL (for embed method a or b) 
$forms->getHelpers(string $for)
arrayRetrieve all themes or frameworks files 
ArrayObjectMake this module iterable, as required by the IteratorAggregate interface 
intGet the template version set from form-builder.php 
$forms->hasPermission(string $name, $form)
boolCheck if the current user has the permission name for the given $form 
$forms->helperPath(string $for)
stringGet path for 'themes' or 'frameworks' helpers 
$forms->importJSON($form, string $json)
boolImport to form ID the given JSON schema 
$forms->inputfieldClasses array Inputfield classes allowed for form fields 
FormBuilderInstall@return FormBuilderInstall 
boolGiven a form ID or name, returns true if is used by a form, false if not 
$forms->isReservedName(string $name)
boolReturns whether or not the given $name may be used or a form or field name 
$forms->lastMaint int Timestamp of the last time maintenance was performed 
$forms->licenseKey string  
FormBuilderForm array nullRetrieve a form by $id, $name or specify boolean true to return all forms
arrayLoad all forms 
(nothing)Load the optional /site/templates/form-builder.inc hooks file 
$forms->mailer string WireMail mailer to use for sending email, 'WireMail' to force native PHP mail(), or blank for auto-detect.  
NumberPerform form maintenance on all forms (or a specific form, if given) 
FormBuilderRenderRender a form directly (embed method C)
$forms->save(FormBuilderForm $form)
boolSave the given $form
$forms->saveEntry(array $entry)
bool intSave a form entry 
$forms->setTemplateVersion(int $version)
(nothing)Set the form-builder.php template version, to be called from form-builder.php 
stringReturn the path where themes are stored 
stringReturn the URL where themes are stored 
$forms->upgrade($fromVersion, $toVersion)
(nothing)Upgrade the module
$forms->useRoles int bool Enable access control? 
$forms->viewFile(string $key)
(nothing)Outputs the given file, must be located under getFilesPath() 
(nothing)Wired to API 

Additional methods and properties

In addition to the methods and properties above, FormBuilder also inherits the methods and properties of these classes:

API reference based on ProcessWire core version 3.0.184

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