$fields->findByTag() method

Return all fields that have the given $tag

Returns an associative array of ['field_name' => 'field_name'] if $getFieldNames argument is true, or ['field_name => Field instance] if not (which is the default).

Available since version 3.0.106.


// basic usage
$array = $fields->findByTag(string $tag);

// usage with all arguments
$array = $fields->findByTag(string $tag, bool $getFieldNames = false);



Tag to find fields for

getFieldNames (optional)bool

If true, returns array of field names rather than Field objects (default=false).

Return value


Array of Field objects, or array of field names if requested. Array keys are always field names.

$fields methods and properties

API reference based on ProcessWire core version 3.0.184

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