Fieldgroup::getPageInputfields() method

Get all of the Inputfields for this Fieldgroup associated with the provided Page and populate them.


// basic usage
$inputfieldWrapper = $fieldgroup->getPageInputfields(Page $page);

// usage with all arguments
$inputfieldWrapper = $fieldgroup->getPageInputfields(Page $page, $contextStr = '', $fieldName = '', string $namespace = '', bool $flat = true);



Page that the Inputfields will be for.

contextStr (optional)string, array

Optional context string to append to all the Inputfield names, OR array of options.

  • Optional context string is helpful for things like repeaters.
  • You may instead specify associative array of any method arguments if preferred.
fieldName (optional)string, array

Limit to a particular fieldName(s) or field IDs (optional).

  • If specifying a single field (name or ID) and it refers to a fieldset, then all fields in that fieldset will be included.
  • If specifying an array of field names/IDs the returned InputfieldWrapper will maintain the requested order.
namespace (optional)string

Additional namespace for the Inputfield context (optional).

flat (optional)bool

Returns all Inputfields in a flattened InputfieldWrapper (default=true).

Return value


Returns an InputfieldWrapper that acts as a container for multiple Inputfields.

Fieldgroup methods and properties

API reference based on ProcessWire core version 3.0.161

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