$config->versionUrls() method

Given array of file asset URLs return them with cache-busting version strings

URLs that aready have query strings or URLs with scheme (i.e. https://) are ignored, except for URLs that already have a core version query string, i.e. ?v=3.0.227 may be converted to a different version string when appropriate.

URLs that do not resolve to a physical file on the file system, relative URLs, or URLs that are outside of ProcessWire’s web root, are only eligible to receive a common/shared version in the URL (like the core version).

To set a different default value for the $useVersion argument, you can populate the $config->useVersionUrls setting in your /site/config.php with the default value you want to substitute.

Available since version 3.0.227.


foreach($config->versionUrls($config->styles) as $url) {
  echo "<link rel='stylesheet' href='$url' />";
// there is also this shortcut for the above
foreach($config->styles->urls() as $url) {
  echo "<link rel='stylesheet' href='$url' />";


// basic usage
$array = $config->versionUrls($urls);

// usage with all arguments
$array = $config->versionUrls($urls, $useVersion = null);


urlsarray, FilenameArray, WireArray, \ArrayObject

Array of URLs to file assets such as JS/CSS files.

useVersion (optional)bool, null, string

What to use for the version string (null is default):

  • true (bool): Get version from filemtime.
  • false (bool): Never get file version, just use $config->version.
  • null (null): Auto-detect: use file version in debug mode or dev branch only, $config->version otherwise.
  • foobar (string): Specify any string to be the version to use on all URLs needing it. - ?foo=bar (string): Optionally specify your own query string variable=value.
  • The default value (null) can be overridden by the $config->useVersionUrls setting.

Return value


Array of URLs updated with version strings where needed

$config methods and properties

API reference based on ProcessWire core version 3.0.234

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