$config->setUrl() method

Change or set just the URL for the named location (leaving server disk path as-is)

  • If you want to update both disk path and URL at the same time, or if URL and path are going to be the same relative to installation root, use the setLocation() method instead.

  • Paths relative to PW installation root should omit the leading slash, i.e. use site/templates/ and NOT /site/templates/.

  • The $for argument can be: cache, logs, files, tmp, templates, or one of your own. Other named locations may also work, but since they can potentially be used before PW’s “ready” state, they may not be reliable.

  • Warning: anything that changes a system URL may make the URL no longer have the protection of the root .htaccess file. As a result, if you modify system URLs for anything on a live server, you should also update your .htaccess file to reflect your changes (while leaving existing rules for original URL in place).

The following examples would go in /site/ready.php.

Let’s say we created a symbolic link in our web root /tiedostot/ (Finnish for “files”) that points to /site/assets/files/. We want all of our file URLs to appear as “/tiedostot/1234/img.jpg” rather than “/site/assets/files/1234/img.jpg”. We would change the URL for ProcessWire’s $config->urls->files to point there like this example below. (Please also see warning above)

In this next example, we are changing all of our file URLs on the front-end to point a cookieless subdomain that maps all requests to the root path of https://files.domain.com to /site/assets/files/. The example works for CDNs as well.

Available since version 3.0.141.


if($page->template != 'admin') {
  $config->setUrl('files', 'tiedostot/');
if($page->template != 'admin) {
  $config->setUrl('files', 'https://files.domain.com/');


$self = $config->setUrl(string $for, string $url);



Named location from $config->urls, one of: cache, logs, files, tmp, templates, or your own.


URL relative to PW installation root (no leading slash) or absolute URL if not (optionally including scheme and domain).

Return value



Method can throw exceptions on error:

  • WireException

$config methods and properties

API reference based on ProcessWire core version 3.0.236

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