$config->jsConfig() method

Set or retrieve a config value exclusive to Javascript (ProcessWire.config)

Values are set to the Javascript variable ProcessWire.config[key].

Unlike onfig->js(), values get or set are exclusive to JS config only.

Values set with this method can be retrieved via $config->js() or $config->jsConfig(), but they cannot be retrieved from $config->['key'] or $config->get('key').

If setting a new property for the JS config it is recommended that you use this method rather than $config->js() in ProcessWire 3.0.173+. If backwards compatibility is needed then you should still use $config->js().

  1. Specify a $key and $value to set a JS config value.

  2. Specify only a $key and omit the $value in order to retrieve an existing set value.

  3. Specify no params to retrieve in array of all existing set values.

Available since version 3.0.173.


// Set a property from PHP
$config->jsConfig('mySettings', [
  'foo' => 'bar',
  'bar' => 123,

// Get a property (from PHP)
$mySettings = $config->jsConfig('mySettings');
// Get a property (from Javascript):
var mySettings = ProcessWire.config.mySettings;


// basic usage
$mixed = $config->jsConfig();

// usage with all arguments
$mixed = $config->jsConfig(string $key = null, $value = null);


key (optional)string

Name of property to get or set or omit to return all data

value (optional)mixed, null

Specify value to set or omit (null) to get

Return value

mixed null array self

Returns null if $key not found, value when getting, self when setting, or array when getting all

$config methods and properties

API reference based on ProcessWire core version 3.0.184

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