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  • otoshimono

    Andrea Innocent is a professional artist/illustrator her career in making pictures began in the seaside port town of Chiba, Japan in 2003. Innocent’s personal work often tells stories of the bizarre and the quirky through detailed digital illustration.

    Made by: Still Moving Design Categories: Illustration Date Added: 2014/02/18

  • Mitch Vane
    Mitch Vane

    Mitch is a Melbourne-based illustrator.

    Made by: Still Moving Design Categories: Illustration Date Added: 2014/02/18

  • Humblebump

    Humblebump is where Jaime and Tim Jurgensen share their photographs.

    Made by: Tim Jurgensen Categories: Photography Date Added: 2014/02/18

  • Birth(+)Fact(x)Death(-)Calendar

    Since 1985 DDV has been compiling a daily Birth(+)Fact(x)Death(-)Calendar that lists important births, facts and deaths day by day. These include artists, scientists, politicians, composers, musicians, writers, filmmakers, actors, serial killers, mass murderers, villains, executions, airplane crashes, terrorist attacks, explosions, shipwrecks, fires and other man-involved disasters claiming 100 or more lives.

    Made by: DDV Categories: Arts Date Added: 2014/02/18

  • Huur Villa Frankrijk
    Huur Villa Frankrijk

    Rental site of a villa in the south of france.

    Made by: Peter De Keer Categories: Travel and Vacation Date Added: 2014/02/18

  • Tampere Jazz Happening
    Tampere Jazz Happening

    A website for a four-day jazz festival. Multilingual, responsive and fully editable.

    Made by: Ville Saarivaara Categories: Events, Multi-language, Music Industry, Responsive Design Date Added: 2014/02/18

  • Ubasoma

    Ubasoma is a multi-disciplinary creative studio with over 15 years experience in a broad range of fields including film, TV, photography, print, digital, exhibition, brand identity and the built environment. Research, originality, experimentation and potential collaborations are key at Ubasoma.

    Made by: Still Moving Design Categories: Entertainment, Photography Date Added: 2014/02/18

  • Houghton Academy
    Houghton Academy

    A responsive site for this private school in New York state.

    Made by: Ryan Cramer Design, LLC Categories: Education, Responsive Design Date Added: 2014/02/17

  • Harken's Landscape Supply
    Harken's Landscape Supply

    Great ProcessWire e-commerce site.

    Categories: Agriculture, E-commerce, Home and Garden Date Added: 2014/02/17

  • Hotel Der Blaue Reiter
    Hotel Der Blaue Reiter

    Fantastic and unique design for this hotel in Germany.

    Made by: MadeMyDay Categories: Hotel, Multi-language, Travel and Vacation Date Added: 2014/02/17