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  • Smith, Gambrell & Russell
    Smith, Gambrell & Russell

    A law firm with offices in Atlanta, Germany, Florida, New York and Washington DC.

    Made by: Ryan Cramer Design, LLC Categories: Business to Business, Business to Consumer, Corporate, Law Industry Date Added: 2014/02/18

  • DesignIntelligence

    Trends, Strategies and Research for design professionals.

    Made by: Ryan Cramer Design, LLC Categories: Architecture, Design Industry, Engineering Date Added: 2014/02/18

  • TripSite

    European bike and boat trips and river cruises. Multi-language.

    Made by: Ryan Cramer Design, LLC Categories: Multi-language, Transportation, Travel and Vacation Date Added: 2014/02/18

  • Rocking High event / booking agency
    Rocking High event / booking agency

    Site for a german company called Rocking High. Beside an event- and gallery system they can showcase theire brands on fully customizable brand pages. Most text blocks are reusable for easier content creation.

    Made by: Conclurer GbR Categories: Entertainment, Events, Responsive Design Date Added: 2014/02/18

  • Jobcenter Heidenheim
    Jobcenter Heidenheim

    A site for a governmental institute in Germany featuring ProcessWire with ProCache. The client especially liked the easy use of ProcessWire and the custom person directory on the page.

    Made by: Conclurer GbR Categories: Government, Directory Date Added: 2014/02/18

  • Reiterverein Heidenheim
    Reiterverein Heidenheim

    This horse club page features a custom news section, subpages for longer text, courses and information about the club. The sidebar adapts to the page and specials occasions like horse shows.

    Made by: Conclurer GbR Categories: Sports Date Added: 2014/02/18

  • LATV

    The website showcases the work of Learning Abilities TV - an equality and diversity award winning digital media and film production charity.

    Made by: Craig A Rodway Categories: Arts, Education, Media, Responsive Design, Portfolio Date Added: 2014/02/18

  • TCF Autocare
    TCF Autocare

    Straightforward, box based brochure website for a company that specialises in restoring classic cars and campervans. Boxes are customisable widgets which can contain image, text, video or any combination. Made with Bootstrap 3 and ProcessWire

    Made by: Stony Websites Categories: Transportation, Engineering Date Added: 2014/02/18

  • Event Mentor
    Event Mentor

    Professional event planning help for festivals and events of all shapes and sizes.

    Made by: Still Moving Design Categories: Education Date Added: 2014/02/18

  • Lew Keilar
    Lew Keilar

    Lew Keilar is a Sydney-based illustrator.

    Made by: Still Moving Design Categories: Illustration, Media Date Added: 2014/02/18