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  • Hala96 FM
    Hala96 FM

    Radio Hala96 FM is a radio service that aims to promote the community through presenting a program map with creativity and thought for all groups. On March 15, 2014, Hala began a live broadcast with a unique programming program that brings you daily on a useful and exciting weekend trip.

    Made by: I&S Group Categories: Entertainment Date Added: 2018/01/05

  • Magenta Textile Printing
    Magenta Textile Printing

    Magenta does digital printing over fabric or direct-to-garment. The site features a tailored frontend approach that includes a custom-built gallery with zooming that responds differently to mouse or touch input.

    Made by: SuperTiny agency Categories: Business to Business Date Added: 2017/12/24

  • Patina — Unikate für den Alltag
    Patina — Unikate für den Alltag

    Beautiful vintage furniture store in Wuppertal, Germany

    Made by: ED Design Categories: Business to Consumer, Home and Garden, Responsive Design Date Added: 2017/12/24

  • Captiva Power
    Captiva Power

    High Quality Power since 1995! CAPTIVA GmbH was founded in 1995 and began selling graphics cards under its own CAPTIVA® label. Meanwhile, their portfolio includes modern Tablet PCs in a large selection with the right accessories, individually configurable PCs with extremely high quality standards and external hard drives. Since 2007, CAPTIVA® has been manufacturing complete PCs in the so-called built-to-order (BTO) process. Captiva builds your new PC exactly according to your requirements and wishes.

    Made by: Maximilian Ehrhardt Categories: Responsive Design, Business to Business, Business to Consumer, Events, Science and Technology Date Added: 2017/12/08

  • Plateau Design Studio
    Plateau Design Studio

    Design studio based in Berlin

    Made by: ED Design Categories: Design Industry Date Added: 2017/12/08

  • Hof-CNC Blechbearbeitung
    Hof-CNC Blechbearbeitung

    Hof-CNC Blechbearbeitung is a medium-sized business to business company in the industrial sector from Haiger-Rodenbach / Germany.

    Made by: camalot media Categories: Business to Business, Engineering, Responsive Design Date Added: 2017/12/08

  • Görlitzer Sternfreunde e.V.
    Görlitzer Sternfreunde e.V.

    Internet presence of the astronomical association of the city Görlitz with planetarium and observatory.

    Made by: Kay Gruhl Categories: Non-profits Date Added: 2017/12/08

  • Kurra Hockey ry
    Kurra Hockey ry

    Kurra Hockey ry is a junior hockey club founded in 1975. The club currently has over 300 players / active members. The aim of the club is to offer children and young people the opportunity to practice hockey at both professional and hobby level.

    Made by: Timo Anttila Categories: Sports, E-commerce, Health and Fitness, Responsive Design Date Added: 2017/12/08

  • Alfândega do Porto Congress Centre
    Alfândega do Porto Congress Centre

    A website migration to PW with a few improvements like adding languages and some UX changes.

    Made by: SuperTINY agency Categories: Corporate Date Added: 2017/11/17

  • Discover Pelorus
    Discover Pelorus

    Discover Pelorus is a local business directory for the Pelorus region of Marlborough, NZ with a focus on tourism. Members of the site are able to have listings in one or more categories with the ability to log in and maintain their own listings.

    Made by: Christopher Cookson - Create IT Categories: Travel and Vacation, Directory Date Added: 2017/11/17