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  • Onder de Linden Roden
    Onder de Linden Roden

    Onder de Linden is a hotel, restaurant and conference center in the Nothern part of the Netherlands.

    Made by: Project90 Roden Categories: Food and Drink, Restaurants Date Added: 2018/07/13

  • ICF Conference 2019 – Fearless
    ICF Conference 2019 – Fearless

    A fearless design powered by a lean setup – ProcessWire for easy content management and a slick SPA frontend based on Vue.js, Quasar and a heavily customized Uikit theme. Some highlights of the new ICF Conference website: Completely decoupled backend and frontend; Custom design based on Uikit frontend framework; Changing of languages happens instantly, no page-reload required; Easy content updates thanks to ProcessWire; All data is transferred using a single request returning custom JSON using a new Module (PageQueryBoss).

    Made by: Noël Bossart Categories: Arts, Corporate, Entertainment, Events, Multi-language, Non-profits, Religion, Responsive Design Date Added: 2018/07/13

  • Visit Omegna
    Visit Omegna

    Omegna is a nice town by the lake Orta, among the italian Alps. This site can help tourist. Find out more about Omegna and its countless tourist opportunities.

    Made by: SGP Creativa Categories: Travel and Vacation, Maps and Geography Date Added: 2018/07/13


    SCENT BLEND is an online application, where users can create perfume formulations and publish them to other users. They then can comment, categorize and rate these pages. At the end other users can create the perfumes themselves and give feedback.

    Made by: Simon Schwab Categories: Web Application, Responsive Design, Blog Date Added: 2018/07/13

  • TSV Westhausen
    TSV Westhausen

    German sports club located in Baden-Württemberg

    Made by: Christian Hendrich Categories: Sports, Health and Fitness Date Added: 2018/07/13

  • Musikschule Neumünster
    Musikschule Neumünster

    The custom-made website of Musikschule Neumünster. Designed and built from ground up to give it its highly individual design and funtionality.

    Made by: Muskaat Categories: Education, Arts Date Added: 2018/07/13

  • Huysman verzekeringen
    Huysman verzekeringen

    Huysman insurance is a website that focuses on services for SMEs. From insurances to financial guidance.

    Made by: Nicolas Grande Categories: Financial Industry Date Added: 2018/06/21

  • Webwork Manufaktur
    Webwork Manufaktur

    Webwork Manufaktur is a German based agency for webdesign and web developement. As PW is our favorite CMS of course our own site is based on PW.

    Made by: Webwork Manufaktur Categories: Business to Business, Business to Consumer, Design Industry Date Added: 2018/06/15

  • ddn – Das Demographie-Netzwerk
    ddn – Das Demographie-Netzwerk

    ddn wants to understand demographic change as an opportunity. Their members exchange views, discuss solutions and find central information, news and events on the website.

    Made by: camalot Categories: Non-profits Date Added: 2018/06/08

  • In bianco e nerd
    In bianco e nerd

    It’s the official site of a very active and lovely italian nerd community. We talk about coding, tv shows and technical stuff. Hope you like it, I’m a big fan of PW!

    Made by: Francesco Mugnai Categories: Blog Date Added: 2018/06/08