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  • Jazz-Schmiede

    A website for a jazz-club in Düsseldorf, Germany, with news, infos and a large event- and musicians-archive.

    Made by: Robert Weiss Categories: Events, Non-profits, Blog, Entertainment, Responsive Design Date Added: 2016/12/09

  • Blaue Funken Neuss
    Blaue Funken Neuss

    The carnival club Blaue Funken was founded back in 1954 in Neuss, Germany. It launched it’s first web site back in 1997. The site contains basic information, news, information about the club’s events and a lot of photo galleries.

    Made by: Jens Kuesters Categories: Non-profits, Responsive Design, Events Date Added: 2016/12/09

  • Step up!
    Step up!

    Step up! is a non-profit organization based in Hamburg, Germany, dedicated to support students with a scholarship. Including a professional career counseling session, a job application coaching and access to a wide network of professionals, the scholarship helps students in finding their individual career path.

    Made by: Nils Wiere Categories: Non-profits, Education, Responsive Design Date Added: 2016/11/18

  • CareNet Rhode Island
    CareNet Rhode Island

    CareNet-RI is a crisis pregnancy center that has been serving the women and men of RI for over 26 years. This responsive redesign features a custom blog and donation page built using FormBuilder and our custom PayPal integration module.

    Made by: Solution Innovators, thetuningspoon Categories: Responsive Design, Religion, Non-profits, E-commerce, Health and Fitness Date Added: 2016/10/21

  • Calhoun County Seniors Assn. - CalCo Travel - Calhoun Transite
    Calhoun County Seniors Assn. - CalCo Travel - Calhoun Transite

    The site is comprised of three sections: Calhoun Seniors - A non-profit organization that provides assistance for seniors. CalCo Travel - Which offers group trips & travel deals. Calhoun Transition - The public transportation system for seniors. The site front-end is built using Zurb Foundation and powered by Processwire.

    Made by: John Warren, LLC Categories: Non-profits Date Added: 2016/08/26

  • Versicherungskammer Kulturstiftung
    Versicherungskammer Kulturstiftung

    The Versicherungskammer Kulturstiftung is an open venue for artists and their topics. Theygive art and culture room for expression and critical dialogue. They encourage an exchange of ideas concerning socially relevant topics, and they are committed to cultural diversity. They develop programs and projects of their own volition. They support cooperative efforts with regional, national, and international partners.

    Made by: aditive Categories: Arts, Events, Non-profits, Responsive Design Date Added: 2016/08/19

  • Liberation Unleashed
    Liberation Unleashed

    A global movement dedicated to helping you to free your mind from the illusion of separate self.

    Made by: Liberation Unleashed Categories: Multi-language, Responsive Design, Non-profits, Education Date Added: 2016/08/04

  • Pacific Flyway Decoy Association
    Pacific Flyway Decoy Association

    The Pacific Flyway Decoy Association is a non-profit art association dedicated to the preservation of wildfowl art through education. Decoy carving is an original American art form beginning with the hunting decoy. What started out as functional art has evolved to include all birds of the world. The carvings and fine art have evolved to an artistic level where the bird appears alive.

    Made by: Categories: Arts, Education, Non-profits, Responsive Design Date Added: 2016/07/15

  • Studium? Läuft!
    Studium? Läuft!

    This social project has one goal in mind: help young people with an immigrant background to start studying at a German university.

    Made by: Nils Wiere Categories: Non-profits, Education, Responsive Design Date Added: 2016/06/24

  • Flüchtlingshilfe am Hamburger Hauptbahnhof
    Flüchtlingshilfe am Hamburger Hauptbahnhof

    In 2015, every day refugees from Syria and other countries in crisis arrived at Hamburg Central Train Station. A group of volunteers welcomed them with food, medical care and assistance. This is the project’s website.

    Made by: Nils Wiere Categories: Non-profits, Responsive Design Date Added: 2016/06/24