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  • KulturRegion FrankfurtRheinMain
    KulturRegion FrankfurtRheinMain

    Responsive website for the Kulturregion Frankfurt RheinMain, a collaboration of ~40 towns and cities in the RheinMain area, featuring cultural events, concerts, guided walks etc, around annual greater topics like ‘industrial heritage’ or ‘spirit of freedom’. One ProcessWire to rule them all. :)

    Made by: BNT.DE Gesellschaft für interaktive Medien Categories: Responsive Design, Events, Architecture, Home and Garden, Museum Date Added: 2015/10/19

  • Jenny Nyströms bilder
    Jenny Nyströms bilder

    Site for browsing the work of Swedish painter Jenny Nyström, most known for her images of the Swedish "Tomte" (gnome). The site contains about 12.000 high resolution images. Thanks to ProocessWire’s flexibility and user-friendly API the complex folder structure could be retained when migrating from previous system. The labels on each image was also converted via the powerful API from text to a Pagefield with autocomplete that suggests already used keywords and the ability to create new keywords by the administrator.

    Made by: Mats Neander, Kalmar County Museum Categories: Arts, Education, Illustration, Portfolio, Responsive Design, Museum Date Added: 2015/08/20

  • Trivium Art History
    Trivium Art History

    Trivium Art History is platform for telling the violent, sexy stories of the inspiration, motivation, and politics behind human creativity.

    Made by: RAWWAR Categories: Arts, Education, Entertainment, Media, Non-profits, Responsive Design, Museum Date Added: 2015/08/01

  • 25 Jahre Deichtorhallen
    25 Jahre Deichtorhallen

    Showcase of exhibitions that took place in the "Deichtorhallen" in Hamburg, Germany within the last 25 years.

    Made by: Nico Knoll Categories: Events, Museum Date Added: 2015/05/01


    Event calender website with handpicked events from Hamburg, Germany. The site provides a weekly selection of handpicked events across all categories.

    Made by: Categories: Events, Arts, Museum, Non-profits, Directory Date Added: 2014/04/01

  • Katonah Art Center
    Katonah Art Center

    The Katonah Art Center is a hub of artistic learning in Northern Westchester. KAC offers classes to all ages and levels.

    Made by: Macrura Categories: Arts, Education, Museum Date Added: 2014/02/21

  • Eketorps borg
    Eketorps borg

    Open air museum on the island of Öland in the Baltic Sea.

    Made by: Mats Neander Categories: Museum, Travel and Vacation Date Added: 2014/02/20

  • Kalmar läns museum
    Kalmar läns museum

    Site for Kalmar County Museum (Kalmar läns museum), a regional museum most known for the exhibition of The Royal Ship Kronan.

    Made by: Mats Neander Categories: Museum Date Added: 2014/02/20

  • Eventide Antique Collection
    Eventide Antique Collection

    Showcase website for (private) antique collection. This website is written in Japanese/English. Developing this website, I thought Processwire would be a fantastic solution to organise and show cultural heritage such as museum collections!

    Made by: Homma Categories: Arts, Museum Date Added: 2014/02/20

  • Florida Association of Museums
    Florida Association of Museums

    The Florida Association of Museums is the not-for-profit professional organization for Florida’s museums and museum professionals.

    Made by: Tom Reno Design Categories: Arts, Education, Museum, Non-profits Date Added: 2014/02/20