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  • Helena v Krabici
    Helena v Krabici

    Simple site for magazine Helena v Krabici managed by students of Palacký University, Olomouc in Czech Republic.

    Made by: Miroslav Foltýn Categories: Blog, Media, Education, Responsive Design Date Added: 2017/11/10

  • University of Sioux Falls SculptureWalk
    University of Sioux Falls SculptureWalk

    The University of Sioux Falls campus in Sioux Falls, South Dakota U.S.A. is home to a rotational sculpture display. The site is simple, responsive, and data-driven using ProcessWire basics showing permanent and past sculptures.

    Made by: University of Sioux Falls Categories: Arts, Education, Portfolio, Responsive Design Date Added: 2017/07/28

  • Chrysemys

    A dutch website about different turtle species with detailed species information, locatation details (google maps), caresheets, recomended food, blog, recomended reading and much more.

    Made by: Sanne de Jong - Webhoes Categories: Education Date Added: 2017/07/28

  • Visualization - AV Rack Builders
    Visualization - AV Rack Builders

    Visualization are specialist rack builders for commercial, residential and education clients. They offer complete turnkey projects including design, build and installation and are based in Maidenhead, UK.

    Made by: Presto Web Design Categories: Business to Business, Education, Corporate, Construction, Engineering Date Added: 2017/07/07

  • Coachy - Sell your video-training!
    Coachy - Sell your video-training!

    With Coachy trainers and coaches can sell their video-trainings online. Coachy creates a Member Area, where Members (buyers) can login and watch the training-videos. Member Areas can be created in either German or English and is accessible via a subdomain of (internal it’s a "normal" page). This demo shows an example of such an Member Area: This project is quite complex and I would love to get some feedback from you guys. Integrated:, Klick-Tipp, Digistore24, Foundation Framework, AWS SES, AWS S3, Vimeo-Upload and some more.

    Made by: Dennis Spohr Categories: E-commerce, Education, Media, Multi-language, Responsive Design, Web Application Date Added: 2017/06/09

  • Calculator Genius
    Calculator Genius

    This is a specialty calculator website built with love using ProcessWire and a simple, clean design.

    Made by: Mike - Calculator Genius Categories: Education, Web Application Date Added: 2017/06/04

  • Devri - breton dictionay
    Devri - breton dictionay

    Devri is a "diachronical" breton language dictionary, in french language. (= a dictionary referencing words usages and evolution through time…) It contains 60K words, and counting.

    Made by: TLT Categories: Education Date Added: 2017/05/12


    This is blog/portal site about my personel interests. Philosopy, Quotes, Travel, Music etc.

    Made by: Cengiz Deniz Categories: Blog, Education, Portfolio, Travel and Vacation, Arts, Science and Technology Date Added: 2017/04/11

  • VID vitenskapelige høgskole
    VID vitenskapelige høgskole

    Web page for a Norwegian university college. Bi-lingual. With study program and course lists, employee catalogue, news, events and more. Made with ProcessWire and Uikit.

    Made by: Asbjørn Ness Categories: Education Date Added: 2017/03/31

  • Redwell Primary School
    Redwell Primary School

    Responsive website for a UK primary school. The website content is managed in-house by school staff and updated on a weekly basis.

    Made by: Paul Sivers (Keywave Media Solutions Ltd) Categories: Education, Responsive Design Date Added: 2017/03/17